Sunday, March 10, 2013

spring forward

"Yes, one of the brightest gems in the New England weather is the dazzling uncertainty of it.  There is only one thing certain about it, you are certain there is going to be plenty of weather." - Mark Twain

Thank you for all the lovely words of encouragement here and by email.
Still working on fonts + layouts + links + widgets + blogs I follow...lots of things to sort out.
Stay with me and I’ll get there.

Thursday and Friday it snowed.  Really snowed.  Big wet flakes.  Deep, deep snow banks and drifts.
There was a lot of snow whether you think in centimetres or inches!
I’m a funny hybrid - inches for measurement but centigrade for temperature.  Hearing it’s 10 fahrenheit doesn’t chill my bones quite the same way that -12 celsius does!  Yes, that’s a minus!

looking at our road from the front door

Lovely hubby was away so the boys and I shovelled the path,
 dug the car out and organized ourselves for the weekend.

all hands and paws to dig our way out

Saturday the sun shone.It felt so good to be on the mountain skiing.
The boys and I soaked up the sunshine and its warmth.
50 fahrenheit worked for me! (that’s 10 celsius!)

Maine skiing: fearless 4-year old in the lead, 8-year old fast behind

Sunday the clocks moved forward an hour. 
6am became 7am which is so much better for a non-morning person. 
Lovely hubby arrived back and made pancakes and bacon.
Just the thing little people home from skiing needed.

buttermilk pancakes and canadian maple bacon = happy tummies

Happy Weekend to you!  Stay warm and cozy wherever you may be.

x Tanya

Happy Mother's Day to those of you celebrating!
(In the USA it's on May 12th)


  1. Wow look at all that snow, looks beautiful, good to have something decent to blog about, just grey, cold skies here! x

    1. The snow is getting a bit old hat but yes it is beautiful here. x

  2. Photos look lovely- all that snow.Did you say Maine? I've visited a couple of times- a beautiful place to live I imagine. Your dog looks cute too!

    1. Some of the photos are a bit a dark. I need to play around a bit more. We ski in Maine - I love it even though it is numbingly cold. The dog is good fun but bit of a food thief. More about that later. x

  3. Hi there!! you have a nice place here.

    You have a new follower here :)

    Have a great time!!

    Lluisa x

    1. Welcome Luisa! Are you in Barcelona ? My husband was living there when we met - it's a fantastic city. We almost ended up living there but his work brought him to the US instead! Will pop over to your blog now. x

  4. Hi just found your lovely blog, looks like you have some amazing snow there.

    1. I also ment to say we have that silver boat you have in your header, a fathers day present to my husband from our son.

    2. Hello Greenthumb! Oh that's funny about the boat. A french girlfriend gave it to my husband in London for his birthday! It now reminds me of where we live. Actually the 3 things all have symbolic meaning! Saw you're in Sydney... Another great city near the water. x Tanya